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The Black Pearl Suites was officially opened in 2005 with a total of 10 suites, 10 on top. It can also caters for group bookings, FIT and also for family or business functions, birthdays or anniversaries. It is the perfect place to celebrate that special occasion or to relax at the end of a busy day.

With its restaurant, bar, friendly staff, quiet garden, fresh atmosphere, balcony, and 24 hour service, the management and staff will make sure you will enjoy your Tonga holiday at The Black Pearl Suites.

Black Pearl Suite is located on Vuna Rd at Sopu, 40-45 minute drive from the airport and 5 minutes from downtown. We are also 5 minutes from the Royal Palace, and 7 minutes to the Mala'ekula Royal Tomb. It is also a 12-minute drive from the bus station.


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Hotel Address: Vuna Rd, Sopu, Nuku'alofa

Getting there (local language)

Teke lava pe 'o me'a mai ha fa'ahinga taxi pe, 'oku mau tu'u 'i he Hala Vuna 'i Sopu. Teke lava pe 'o me'a mai he pasi Hofoa 'i he'ene ha'u ki Hofoa he 'oku lele hake pe he Hala Vuna 'i Sopu ke fou ki Hofoa.

Getting there

You can come by taking the taxi and the driver know our place - we are situated at the Vuna Road at Sopu or stop on the Hofoa bus on its way to Hofoa, as it comes right past our building.