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The new and improved Heilala Holiday Lodge is now located on the stunning sandy beaches of Ha'atafu and Kanokupolu, with the most picturous sunsets, the best surfing on the main island, great snorkeling and a beautiful sandy beach that stretches over a kilometer long and from where you can spot Tonga's famous humpback whales in season.

The new and improved Heilala Holiday Lodge may now look more like a Beach Resort than a Lodge, but be assured you will still find the same friendly service and highly competitive rates that have made Heilala Holiday Lodge such popular choice in the past.

Heilala Holiday Lodge is located about 18 km south of Nuku'alofa city in the Village of Kanokupolu and on the stunning beaches of Kanokupolu and Ha'atafu. Getting into Nuku'alofa is relatively easy buy bus, taxi and shuttle service. Buses (about 380 meters from Lodge) to town about every 30-40 minutes.


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Hotel Address: Palm Ave, Kanokupolu., Nuku'alofa

Getting there (local language)

Teke lava lelei pe ke ke 'alu ki he Heilala Holiday Lodge 'i he Taxi pe teke heka he pasi mei nuku'alofa 'i he pasi Tofoa pe koe pasi Vaiola.

Getting there

Taxi and Bus services are available which the drivers knows the location of our Lodge.