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Keleti International Resort is a family local owned that just open in 2009 and they still run it until now. The resort is situated in a natural beach coves bordered by lush and natural gardens. Keleti International Resort presents a better package than any other Tonga resort or convention centre.

Keleti International Resort is located on the South Coast of Tongatapu, which is the main Island of Tonga. It is just 10 minutes to Town Centre Nuku'alofa and 7km from the International Airport, in a very convenient location and a popular tourist destination.


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Hotel Address: Hamani Road, Ha'ateiho, Nuku'alofa

Getting there (local language)

'Oku miniti 'e 10-15 'ete faka'uli mai mei he mala'e Vakapuna Fua'amotu ki Keleti pea miniti leva 'e 12-20 'ete faka'uli mei loto Nuku'alofa ki Keleti Resort 'i Ha'ateiho.

Getting there

Keleti International Resort is located in the village of Ha'ateiho, Hamani Rd. You can get there by taxi, conveniently just 10-15 minutes from the International Airport and just 12 -20 minutes from Nuku'alofa.