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Little Italy Hotel and Restaurant is situated at Vuna Road. It is perfectly best for a romantic getaway, going on business, family vacations and honeymoons. This is a newly hotel which it was just open in July 2008 to offer the visitors a fashionable and memorable vacation to the Kingdom of Tonga.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty and support. It does not go unnoticed!

Little Italy is located right at the beautiful residential area of Nuku'alofa which it is the capital of Tonga at Vuna Road in Kolomotu'a. On your way there you can pass through some of the local attaractions such as the Royal Tomb, Nuku'alofa city and not forgetting the Royal Palace,


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Hotel Address: Vuna, Road, Nuku'alofa

Getting there (local language)

'E malava lelei foki ke ke a'u tonu mai ki he Little Italy Hotel 'aki ho'o ha'u 'i he Ka, Tekesi, Pasi pe teke luelue mai pe ko e ki he Little Italy Hotel. Te ke ha'u hangatonu mai pe mei loto kolo Nuku'alofa afe mai to'ohema 'o ha'u hangatonu ai pe ko e Little Italy he 'oku tu'u pe he Hala Vuna 'i Kolomotu'a.

Getting there

It is 2-minute drive from downtown to the hotel and it is about 35-40 minute drive from Fua'amotu Airport to Little Italy. If you take a taxi, just ask the driver that you want to go to Little Italy and they will take you to the hotel. You can also catch the Hofoa Bus and just stop right in front of Little Italy Hotel and Restaurant or just call and they can arrange for your pick-up.