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Finished to a high standard with tasteful furnishings and a modern feel, the resort has been designed to blend in with the local environment and minimize the impact on this little-known pearl of the Pacific. The crystal clear waters provide brilliant snorkelling spots in Vava'u. The Japanese Gardens are just off the beach.

Kayaks and snorkelling gear are available for guests' use. The famous Swallows Cave can be accessed from the resort by kayak, whereas Port Maurelle, a tranquil bay and safe anchorage is only a short walk away. In addition, each fale has a music system for connection to an iPod or MP3 player and has Wi-Fi Internet access.

Whales may be seen from the resort in season. Scuba diving, sport fishing, whale watching (July-October) surfing, sailing, and even ‘Kart Safaris' can be arranged with reputable local operators.

Reef Resort

Private Bag 11

Neiafu, Vava’u

Tonga,South Pacific



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Hotel Address: 'Otea, Vava'u

Getting there (local language)

Ki he kau 'a'ahi kotoa pe 'oku 'amanaki kemou teuteu 'a'ahi mai ki he Reef Resort. Kapau 'oku' ke me'a mai mei he fonua tu'apule'anga kuopau keke mea mai koe ki Vava'u  ni'i he kautaha vakapuna fakalotofonua pe koe vakatahi ki Vava'u. I ho'o tu'uta mai pe ki he mala'evakapuna pe uafu, kataki 'o alea'i ha'o taxi ke 'ave koe ki he matatahi talihau pea mei ai leva temau 'ave koe ki 'Otea ki he feitu'u 'oku mau 'iai. Koe tekisi 'oku fakafuofuoa ki he miniti e 30 meihe mala'e vakapuna pe mei he uafu.

Pe teke lava pe o fetu'utaki mai ki he Reef Resort 'e malava pe kemau alea'i ke 'omai hangatonu koe meihe uafu 'o 'ikai ha toe totongi makehe kiai.

Getting there

From the main Island Tongatapu, must take a flight with Chatham’s Pacific Airline or take the Ferry to get to the Vava'u Island. Once arriving at Vava'u, catch a taxi from the airport/wharf to Talihau Beach for approximately 30minutes drive. From there our boat will transfer you the island of 'Otea to where we are situated.

Or you can contact us we can also make arrangement to pick you up from Neiafu Jetty with no extra charge.