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Our Family newly renovated 9 rooms villa is now open for Bed and Breakfast and it is located along the water front of Vuna Rd, Ma'ufanga. 20-minute walk to downtown Nuku’alofa and shorter walking distance to the ferry to Pangaimotu and Fafa Island, and to cafes, restaurant, banks, local churches and the Saturday fair market. Our goal is to provide the best services to all our guests. Number 1 in customer service, quality and cleanliness. We at 'Utu'one Bed and Breakfast also have an additional office at the front which it's the Air Pacific Airline.

'Utu'one Bed and Breakfast is located on Vuna Road in Ma'ufanga, opposite the Tu'imatamoana Fish Markets and next door to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Cathedral at Ma'ufanga, Tongatapu.


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Hotel Address: Ma'ufanga, Nuku'alofa

Getting there (local language)

Teke lava pe 'o me'a mai 'i ha tekisi pe ko e pasi Ma'ufanga 'o toki hifo mai pe he tomu'a 'o e 'Utu'one Bed and Breakfast. 'Oku mau tu'u pe 'i he hala Vuna fehangaaki moe falelotu Katolika Ma'ufanga pe hanga hake ki he uafu Tu'imatamoana.

Getting there

You can visit 'Utu'one Bed and Breakfast on a taxi or just take the Ma'ufanga bus and just stop by in-front of our villa. We are on the Vuna road opposite Ma'ufanga Catholic Church and facing the Tu'imatamoana wharf.